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Free resources to improve agency communication

Get free downloadable resources to communicate with taxpayers and the media. With proactive communication, you can protect the plan and celebrate success in your community. 

Here's what's inside...

Presentation Template

Got an upcoming meeting with the Board of Aldermen? Need to share the plan at your next town hall? Use this free template to advocate for your network improvement plan.
Download Presentation Template 


Press Release Template

Let the community know how your plans are delivering for taxpayers each year. With the press release template provided by Road Resource, just plug in your community's information, and share with your local media contacts for clear communication, and a way to celebrate gains for your network.
Download Press Release Template


Yard Signs & Door Hangers

Update signs and door hangers with traffic and project information. When the public understands that their roads are managed with sustainability and budgets in mind, they have a deeper appreciation for the work. Download Printed Materials Templates


Social Media Posts

Free and downloadable resources for agencies to customize and leverage to advocate for their road networks, including: Press releases, PSAs, door hangers, yard signs, and social media resources. Download Social Media Post Templates


Sharable Video

Share this simple video to help residents and decision-makers understand the importance of pavement preservation and asphalt recycling, when it comes to network improvements.
Download Video or Share Youtube Link


Informational PDFs

Educate others about what it means to follow the principles of preservation, recycling, and network optimization. Your committment to these concepts demonstrates a dedication to improving your community. Download Informational PDFs