Better Roads Today. Stronger Networks Tomorrow.

Did you know roads are a community's most expensive asset? Why then are so many road networks across North America deteriorating at a failing rate? There is a smarter way to optimize your network, using tools and treatments to preserve and recycle roadways.

Downloadable One-Pagers

Pavement Preservation
Your community is getting ahead of the curve with proactive pavement maintenance. Use this downloadable PDF to explain the concept of pavement preservation and why it matters to taxpayers and the traveling public.
In-Place Asphalt Recycling
Your annual network plans include recycling the valuable that asphalt your community has already paid for. Download and share this document to explain how reusing materials in place saves taxpayer dollars and the environment.
Road Network Optimization
Instead of reactively responding to deteriorating pavements, you’re using tools and resources to proactively plan for the future of your community. Use this document to share the foresight that goes into network management and why it matters.

Communication Matters

Being a road manager is tough. For every successful project completed in your community, there still may be unhappy residents with loud opinions. Even the most successful road manager still fields the occasional complaints from taxpayers. With proactive communication, agencies can educate taxpayers to align around the smartest projects and how to approach them for the future.