Media Submission Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in submitting this important content! Photos and video are great ways to tell stories, demonstrate concepts, and keep the audience engaged! Member submitted media will be used as instructional pieces of the Treatment Resource Center and throughout the site.

For photo submissions, please see our photo guidelines.

When submitting video, keep in mind: the strongest videos will be 2:30 min or less and will briefly demonstrate a treatment in action, its application in various scenarios, or a specific project. It may also tout high level benefits.


  • Please keep videos under 3:00 minutes long.


  • All contractors or suppliers named in the article should be members of AEMA, ISSA, or ARRA
  • Please confirm that you have permission to use any quotes or comments,
  • If the video doesn’t belong to you, please confirm that you have permission to use on PPRA’s website


  • Videos should not be heavily promotional. It is possible that some videos will contain logos on equipment and uniforms, but please do not submit commercials or self-promotion.


Looking for videos that show one or more of these concepts:

  • Describe the treatment
  • Interview with contractor/supplier describing treatment
  • Interview with the agency talking about the treatment
  • Show the application process
  • Highlight the benefits of this treatment
  • Walk through a project or success story

Your submissions will be the great educational content for the PPRA website.

Each submission will be screened and approved by selected members of AEMA, ISSA, or ARRA who specialize in the treatment pertaining to each video.