Equivalent annualized cost

How to use this Tool

When comparing treatment options, it’s critical to get a cost comparison that is as relevant as possible. A number of different comparison methodologies exist, including life cycle cost analysis, whole life cost etc. In the simplest form, Equivalent Annualized Cost (EAC) will allow you to compare the true cost of various treatments over time, by dividing the treatment cost over the life extension that treatment provides.

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Treatment Type

EAC By Strategy

The savviest pavement managers maximize use of treatments with the lowest EAC. Over many miles, agencies generate major savings by keeping their good roads in good condition, as illustrated in the example below.

Conventional Approach

of Minor
Mill & Fill = $0.89/

Required Annual Budget
Optimized Strategy

of Micro Surfacing
Single Lift = $0.46/

Required Annual Budget

Optimized Strategy
Budget Savings


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