AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Members Become Super Users at Training Workshop


This March 28, fifty members representing 26 different member companies had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of as they trained to become the first group of "Super Users" during a training workshop in St. Louis, Missouri.  These Super Users are intended to become highly-trained experts in using the site and ambassadors who represent and promote the site industry-wide.

Led by site developers Lindsay Matush and Grace Stansbery of Vario Consulting, attendees started with a review of website basics and foundational tools and then dove deeper into the details of network optimization and the calculators. Members next moved onto using the tools on for consultative sales, and spent some time in a work session exploring the applications, and finished with some pointers on generating engagement and use of the website. “These Super Users are really the strongest site ambassadors we have: they’re here eager to learn, excited to use the tool to open doors, and they’re a critical part of helping the site reach its potential as we create a tipping point industry-wide,” pointed out Matush.

Attendees were provided with tools, exercises, and examples that helped them feel confident in using each of the main sections of the site, training on promotional tools available, and some examples of how different members are already making the site work for them. Matush expressed “It was exciting to watch members share their tips with each other. Everyone that attended had new ideas and ah-ha moments that would help them make better use of the site in equipping agencies to use more preservation and recycling treatments.”

These Super Users will now become a resource for agencies, engineers, and members learning to use the site and may be invited to speak at conferences or events, represent at trade shows, help spread the word about the site on social media, and more.

Attendee Melynda Boswell of Boswell Asphalt Paving Solutions, Inc. noted, “This training workshop provided a great opportunity to learn about all of the aspects of and will be great to take back to agencies and other entities to share.”

If you are interested in the potential for you or someone from your company to become a Super User, please contact PPRA staff at or to express your interest and be put on the waiting list for future training sessions.