Update on Semi Annual Meetings Between Industry and FHWA

Twice annually leaders from AEMA, ARRA and ISSA meet with representatives from FHWA to discuss programs and projects the industry is undertaking to promote pavement preservation and how FHWA might assist with them; as well as to learn more about current and future FHWA programs and how AEMA, ARRA and ISSA might help support or get more involved with them. 

January 14, 2020 during TRB week was the most recent meeting.  A few highlights from the meeting include:

Status update from FHWA on Pavement Preservation Roadmap.  FHWA reported to the group that the Pavement Preservation Roadmap will be in final draft form by the end of February.  There will be a “chapter” in the report on “benefits of pavement preservation” which may include opportunities to highlight research or success stories from the field.  The Pavement Preservation Technical Feedback Group will be tasked with keep the Roadmap up to date. PPRA will make sure there is a link to the Roadmap from www.roadresource.org when appropriate.

Status update on FHWA Sustainability Programs.  Heather Dylla is the lead within FHWA on their sustainability programs. Ms. Dylla updated the group on FHWA’s current sustainability initiatives.  They include:

·        FHWA has a researcher working with them over the next three years on sustainability issues

·        FHWA has created a Sustainable Ambassadors Program.  The ambassadors will work with industry and other interested parties in coordinating sustainability studies and projects. 

·        FHWA is creating a webinar series on sustainability as well as a newsletter. 

·        FHWA is in the process of creating a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool and plans to collaborate with industry on these issues.  (Spoiler Alert:  PPRA has a Sustainability Committee which will be involved in this initiative.  See additional information in this newsletter on how to get involved.)

PPRA update on webinar series.  PPRA reported it has developed a webinar series on pavement preservation techniques at the request of FHWA.  The complete schedule of webinars for 2020 are shared in this newsletter.  The webinars will be presented by PPRA representatives and delivered through FHWA’s webinar system. 

Other items of note discussed during the PPRA/FHWA meeting include:

·        FHWA representatives will attend the PPRA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas February 17-21, 2020. 

·        FHWA was asked if they would consider supporting ARRA’s Regional Seminars through promotional support, sponsorship, and possible financial support. FHWA is reviewing further information about the Regional Seminars and will respond.

·        FHWA was asked how it could assist in promoting www.roadresource.org. FHWA noted it has highlighted www.roadresource.org during its Summit in Puerto Rico. It was also noted FHWA will consider creating a link from FHWA’s website to www.roadresource.org as well as adding it to the Internet Watch section of Public Roads. 

·        FHWA also agreed to assist in identifying success stories that could be highlighted on www.roadresource.org.

·        FHWA was asked how it might help promote the use of tack emulsions versus hot applied AC. FHWA noted they can assist in getting tack coat included in appropriate construction guidelines.  They also agreed to seek input from and highlight states successfully using tack emulsions.  FHWA also asked PPRA for input on states currently using hot applied AC so FHWA could promote the benefits of tack to them specifically. 

·        FHWA was asked if they will continue to support ISSA’s Slurry Systems Workshop (SSWS). FHWA noted they believed their support of this was a “very high value investment” and will likely continue. 

If you have items you’d like PPRA representatives to bring up in future meetings with FHWA, please send them to Rick Church (rickc@cmservices.com) or Ali Mostardo (alim@cmservices.com).