AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Hold Virtual Board Meetings

The AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Boards of Directors met June 15-17, 2020 to review and direct the business of the associations. Due to the current pandemic, each board met virtually, a first for all.  

On June 15, the ARRA Board reviewed 2020 activities and progress made in the final months of the current strategic plan.

The ARRA Board approved a new ARRA Regional Seminar Policy which requires that any ARRA member company wishing to hold a Regional Seminar to promote and educate the industry and customers regarding ARRA disciplines and using ARRA’s name/logo and/or wishing to use ARRA staff for assistance shall request permission to do so from ARRA’s Board of Directors.  In addition, to provide the best possible content during the ARRA Session at the Annual Meeting, the Board voted to create a sub-committee to help establish the program which will include ARRA’s Vice President, Treasurer, Technical Director, and at least one member company representative selected by the Vice President and Technical Director. 

The Board also discussed making improvements to the ARRA website in order for it to be more user friendly and have a dedicated “Members Only” section; hosting a committee chair training session and defining committees and sub-committees; exploring the possibility of creating regional chapters; and ARRA’s involvement in the PPRA Sustainability Committee.

The ISSA Board met on June 16 to review current activities including their involvement in the PPRA Sustainability Committee; award nomination specifications; the success of the PPRA/FHWA webinars; the effects COVID-19 could have on the Slurry Systems Workshop; and the strategic plan’s status in its final months.

The Board approved the Marketing Committee’s recommendation to revamp the website.

The Board also approved the proposal for development of a field sampling procedure.

During its meeting on June 17, AEMA President Ryne reported on position changes that have occurred in some committees including a new Chair for the Leadership Development Team, Aaron Walker, PPRA’s Sustainability Committee Chair, Andrew Braham, Suppliers Committee Chair Donna Kwapis and adding additional industry professionals to the Technical Response Committee.

Additionally, the Board reviewed reports from committees; discussed different ways that AEMA’s members could become more involved in committees and on the board; their participation in the PPRA Sustainability Committee; and reviewed the current strategic plan items that will be ending this year.

All three Boards of Directors reviewed and discussed a proposal from Sphera to develop a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for asphalt emulsions.  As a result of the discussion, expect PPRA to begin development of a LCA in the near future. 

The AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA Boards are tentatively scheduled to meet in person for their next board meetings and conduct a strategic plan session in October.