Tim Harrawood New President of FP2

Tim Harrawood, manager of pavement preservation contractor Vance Brothers, Inc.'s Southern Contracting Division, is the new president of FP2 Inc.

"I'll be proud to serve the pavement preservation industry during my two-year term," Harrawood said. "I look forward to advancing all pavement preservation disciplines to benefit all stakeholders, from agencies to industry, and ultimately, the taxpaying end user."

He succeeds Scott Bergkamp, president of pavement preservation equipment manufacturer Bergkamp, Inc.

"Scott has always put forth a tremendous amount of effort to further the causes of pavement preservation, and that is evident in the initiatives that he has championed over the past two years while at the helm of FP2," Harrawood said. "I sincerely thank him for his service."

Harrawood started in the slurry seal and micro surfacing industry 35 years ago in Little Rock, Ark. He's been involved in the installation and placement of slurry seals and micro surfacings in multiple states, but also several Central American countries.

He's served on numerous International Slurry Surfacing Associations committees and chaired the ISSA’s Slurry Systems Workshop for seven years.

He served on the ISSA board of directors for eight years, and was president of the International Slurry Surfacing Association in 2010. He was chairman of the ISSA Technical Marketing/Webinar and Web-Based Training committee, which produced three web-based training modules through a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and ISSA. Tim returned to the board of directors of ISSA in 2018 and serves on the committee tasked with the updating of the ISSA Design and Inspection Manual due to be published in 2021.

Harrawood's term as president of FP2 follows his work as vice president there, and he sits on the committee that helped design and implement the ongoing Preservation Group Study at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University for the southern tier of states, since expanded to MnROAD in the northern tier of states. In addition to aiding in the development of this study, Vance Brothers construction crews were chosen to install all of the emulsified asphalt treatments at both locations.