The Economics of Flexible Pavement Preservation


Mary Stroup-Gardiner, Shakir Shatnawi


  • Significant cost savings can be achieved by organizing pavement preservation work so that the contractor will have several weeks of work in one geographic area.
  • Delaying pavement preservation by applying a treatment on an existing pavement with a PCI of 60 instead of 80 will result in an increase in equivalent annual treatment costs between about 70 to 100%.
  • Delaying the application of the treatment to an existing pavement condition of 40 will result in an increase in the equivalent annual treatment cost of about 300%.


The authors used data from the California Dept. of Transportation Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide data for flexible pavement to assess the impact of project size, construction restrictions (e.g., nighttime paving, limited time roadway access), and delays in applying treatments.

The study was submitted on August 1, 2008 for the Transportation Research Board 2009 Annual Meeting.

The authors are with the Californai Pavement Preservation Center and California Dept. of Transportation, respectively.