Slurry Seals as Much as Triple DeSoto County Pavement Life

In order to keep residents satisfied and to attract industry, DeSoto County proactively treats their roads to maintain high quality trasportation infrastructure for a fraction of what it would cost to wait until more expensive repairs are needed.  Safety of the network is improved as well.

  1. 26% the cost of alternative treatment
  2. Restore friction, good roads contribute to high growth rate of county.


DeSoto County Mississippi is proactive in maintaining their road network.  They know that a pavement preservation program contributes to safety and the growth of the county.


DeSoto County wants to keep their constituents happy with good roads and quick response times.  They wish to attract industry to the county as well.

If you let a road deteriorate too much, it's not just a case of overlaying the road, it's a case of digging it up and performing a lot of reconstruction.

Bill Russel
Supervisor, DeSoto County District Three


To maintain a healthy balance between restoring older roads and maintaining those that are in good condition, the county relies on a combination of techniques:  hot mix asphalt overlays for areas with significant levels of distress, and pavement preservation treatements for roads in need of less extensive proactive maintenance.  This strategy provides a great amount of flexibility, as it is not 100% dependent on one method to do all of the heavy lifting.