Huntley High School

Base Stabilization was selected for its efficiency and cost savings over total removal and replacement.  Problems with failing pavement layers, but not deep subgrade issues, made their parking lot a perfect candidate for Base Stabilization.   

  1. 40-70% more cost effective than wasteful removal and replacement reconstruction
  2. Reduced truck hauls by up to 100 truck loads when compared to total removal and replacement
  3. Reused 100% of in place aggregates
  4. 4-5 Days faster than removal and replacement
  5. Increased overall structural coefficient of the base allowing for the final pavement design to implement a thinner HMA layer


Public schools rely heavily on small budgets.  The amount of money needed to fix the school's parking lot was a major concern.  Following the lead of a neighboring town, who regularly uses Base Stabilization to correct their roads, the school was able to repair their parking lot within budget, on schedule, while maintaining structural integrity. 



The asphalt in place was failing so badly that it was removed entirely.  The estimated removal and replacement of the aggregate could have been as much as $275,000.  The budget for this repair was fixed and far below the potential cost to remove and replace all the aggregate base.  The school needed to find an alternative solution that would not compromise quality.


The general contractor on the project suggested a value engineered Base Stabilization of 5% cement tilled at 12" to help save the school thousands of dollars .  The school was able to complete the repairs for under $85,000 and also increase the structural integrity of their parking lot.  It was a win-win for the school.  The school district was so pleased with the results of the project that they implemented reclaiming and recycling techniques on their entry drives the following year.