Base Stabilization Guidance and Additive Selection for Pavement Design and Rehabilitation


Daniel Wegman, Mohammadreza Sabouri and Joe Korzilius


The report is a guideline for the use of base stabilization. On page 19 of the report the results of three bituminous stabilized FDR test sections on the I-94 MNRoad test road are summarized. The three test sections consisted of various depths of FDR stabilized with emulsified asphalt with 3 inches of HMA. Anticipated design life was 5 years or a predicted 3 million ESALs. In 2017, after 10 yeqars of service and the application of 6 million ESALs, all 3 test sections had outperformed their anticipated design life for both cracking and ride. 


Report No. MN/RC - 2017RIC02. Minnesota Department of Transportation, Research Services Section, St. Paul, MN.