Structural Study of Cold Central Plant Recycling Sections at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Test Track: Phase II


Brian K. Diefenderfer, Virginia Transportation Research Council; David H. Timm and Benjamin F. Bowers, Auburn University


This report summarizes the findings from the second round of testing during the 2015-2017 research cycle at the NCAT Test Track for VDOT's three CCPR test sections. The study found that the performance of the three CCPR sections continues to be excellent after 20 million ESALs of loading. This was evidenced by the following examples of functional performance: no observable cracking at the pavement surface, rut depths less than 0.3 inch, steady measurements of ride quality and steady or increasing modulus values.


Virginia Transportation Research Council, VTRC 19-R25, Virginia Department of Transportation, May 2019.