Chip Seal

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For Pavement Condition

(PCI between 60 and 90)

A chip seal is a roadway surface treatment that consists of a layer(s) of asphalt binder (hot or emulsion) with a layer(s) of embedded aggregate. Chip seals provide a new skid resistant wearing surface, stops raveling, seals minor cracks, and retards further deterioration of the existing roadway.  Chip seal binders can be polymer modified as well to improve aggregate retention and provide for a quicker return to traffic.

  1. Reduces life-cycle costs by 48%
  2. Reduces energy use by 50% and greenhouse gases by 51%
  3. Reduces raw materials by 49%
  4. Return to slow moving traffic in 1 hour
  5. Extends life of a roadway up to 5-7 years

Issues Addressed

  • Minor Cracking (less than ¼”)
  • Raveling
  • Oxidization     


  • Increases skid resistance
  • Reduces water intrusion
  • Eases construction
  • Slows reflective cracking

Common Combinations

  • Double & Triple Chip Seals
  • Chip Seal + Fog Seal
  • Crack Seal + Chip Seal
  • Chip Seal + HMA Overlay
  • Chip Seal + Slurry or Micro (Cape Seal)
  • FDR or CIR or HIR + Chip Seal