Chip Seal

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Mix Design

Aggregate Sieves for Gradation

To ensure the proper performance of the project, a mix design should be performed to determine the following:

  • Application rate for aggregate
  • Application rate for binder
  • Appropriateness of materials

It should be noted that the design rates are only a guide and should be adjusted for field variances such as pavement conditions and traffic.

Two of most notable chip seal design methods are the McLeod method and the Modified Kearby method.  To find out out more information on each method please click on the links below:

McLeod method: MnDOT Seal Coat Handbook 

Modified Kearby method: TxDOT Seal Coat Manual

There is also a webinar that was developed by the Asphalt Institute and ISSA on chip seal mix design procedures.  The link is below:


Please note that the embedment depth of the aggregate should be greater in the colder climates due to snow plow damage.  For example, 50% embedment would be satisfactory for Georgia but 70% embedment depth is the goal for Minnesota.