2020 Ahead of the Curve Webinar Series

Mark your calendars for these dates.

After the success of the 2019 Webinar series, the PPRA is proud to present the 2020 Ahead of the Curve series. This year, experts from AEMA, ARRA, ISSA, and affiliate organizations are curiating four one-hour webinars to help agancies and pavement owners make the most of their pavement assets & resources, using the tools found on RoadResource.org. 

Particpants will learn new tools and concepts including in-depth training on the calculators and resources on RoadResource.org. Plus, experts within each treatment discipline will walk participants through best practices around preservation treatments, asphalt recycling, and asphalt emulsions to better equip you and your entire network for success. 


Ahead of the Curve: RoadResource.org 2020 Webinar Series

   Tuesday, April 28th 12:00 CDT

Stretching Budgets Further, Especially Now

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   Thursday, May 14th 12:00 CDT

 Managing More with Less

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   Tuesday , July 21st 12:00 CDT

 Small Agency, Big Plans: What Pavement Managers   in Small Communities Should be doing to Maintain   their Road Networks

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   Wednesday, September 30th 12:00 CDT

 Road Network Improvement Following Economic   Downturn

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   Wednesday, December 2nd 12:00 CDT

 Agency Communication Matters

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PPRA/FHWA Webinars

A separate series, produced in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration  will be airing throughout 2021. Each of the FHWA/PPRA Webinars is focused on technical information from each association’s practices, disciplines & treatments. For more information on the PPRA/FHWA webinar series, visit aema.org, arra.org, and slurry.orgEach FHWA/ PPRA webinar is scheduled for the third Thursday of every month at 2pm EST. 



January  The Need for Environmental Product Declarations  (LCA, PCR, and EPD) with a Focus on Asphalt  Emulsions AEMA
 February  Instrumented Pavement Recycling  Performance  on I-64 by VDOT ARRA
March   Crack Sealing Equipment ISSA
April   Storage and Handling of Emulsion AEMA
June   Chip Seal Equipment and Calibration ISSA
July  International Experience of Pavement   Recycling  with Asphalt Emulsion AEMA
August  Projection Selection for In-Place Recycling ARRA
September  Slurry & Micro Surfacing Construction Best   Practices, Part 1 ISSA
October  TBD AEMA
November  CIR/CCPR Mix Design Guidelines & Practices ARRA
December  Slurry & Micro Surfacing Construction Best   Practices, Part 2 ISSA