Ahead of the Curve: 2019 Webinar Series

Equipping agencies to be the best stewards of taxpayer resources

The Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance provides a collective space to bring industry and agency together for the advancement of sustainable, eco-efficient, and innovative pavement applications. For that reason, we strive to provide the best resources for agencies to improve their networks, and make the best possible use of taxpayer resources. 

In 2019, we are proud to present a six-webinar series, designed by experts in the industry to help agencies and road owners make informed decisions. Each free webinar will focus on one of the key concepts found within the RoadResource website.

Particpants will learn tools to use and apply, including in-depth training on the calculators and resources on RoadResource.org. Plus, experts within each treatment discipline will walk participants through best practices around preservation treatments, asphalt recycling, and asphalt emulsions to better equip you and your entire network for success. 


Ahead of the Curve: RoadResource.org 2019 Webinar Series

  Wednesday, May 29th 12:00 CDT

 Is your Road Network Gaining or Losing Life? The Importance of Remaining Service Life - 


  Tuesday, July 2nd 12:00 CDT

 How much does a Road Really Cost? Life Cycle Cost & Predictive Spending -


  Thursday, August 29th 12:00 CDT

 Prioritizing Road Projects By Most Impact: Calculate Cost Benefit Value  


  Thursday, September 26th 12:00 CDT

 Engineered Performance for Pavements: Liquid Asphalt Emulsions


  Wednesday, October 30th 12:00 CDT

 Making the Most of Asphalt You’ve Already Paid For:

Asphalt Recycling & Reclamation PRE-REGISTER

  Wednesday, November 20th 12:00 CST

 Get Ahead of the Curve: Pavement Preservation to Prolong Service Life


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