Research Submission Guidelines


One of the major disconnects we discovered in research is the lack of awareness, understanding, and application of research to practice for many municipalities. To close that gap, we’re looking to consolidate the best and latest research, with simple summaries and links to learn more, in an easy, digestible format for the user.

Please include original research documents that pertain to individual treatments or pavement preservation, asphalt emulsions or asphalt recycling and reclamation. Please include a description of the research so that the average user can understand the top-line benefits or conclusions. Ensure all language is friendly, and not overly technical. Whenever possible, be concise and clear.

See examples here.

NOTE: If you have an informal success story, rather than a study or report, please submit to Success Story Section.


  • Please keep description text between 2-3 sentences, always highlighting key conclusions.


  • Please confirm that you have permission to post or distribute document or report
  • Please confirm that you have permission to use any quotes or comments

Your submissions will be the primary supporting content for the PPRA website. With strong Research, the associations’ goal is to close the gap between information and usage of Pavement Preservation, Emulsions, Recycling & Reclamation treatments by demonstrating reliability, success, and undeniable savings.

Each submission will be screened and approved by selected members of AEMA, ISSA, or ARRA who specialize in the treatment pertaining to each success story.