Success Story Submission Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in submitting this important content! When we interviewed agencies, we heard that success stories would be some of the most valuable content from our site. Across the board, agencies said they wanted to know what was working for their peers around the country, and that reading these stories would make a significant difference in understanding and implementing treatments.

The strongest success stories will demonstrate value, ease, and reliability of each treatment. We hope that each submission will have clear value points, such as time and money savings, impact on the agency, taxpayers and/or network. Please read the below guidelines before submitting. Ensure all language is friendly, and not overly technical. Whenever possible, be concise and clear.

See examples here.

NOTE: If you have a formal case study with existing research and a documented approach, please submit to the Research Summary Section.


  • Please keep text content between 250-600 words.


  • All contractors or suppliers named in the article should be members of AEMA, ISSA, or ARRA
  • Please confirm that you have permission to use any quotes or comments


  • Please include no more than two (2) mentions of a brand name. All other references should be generic category references (for example, “the contractor completed the rejuvenating fog seal project without delays”)

Photos & Images

  • Please review PPRA photo guidelines before submitting
  • Please include Before, During, and After photos
  • Please upload charts, graphs, and other illustrations as image files
  • Photos should avoid prominent logos or insignias. However, if logos are represented on machinery or clothing they will be permitted (assuming the logo is not the focus of the image).

Your submissions will be the primary supporting content for the PPRA website. With strong success stories, the associations’ goal is to close the gap between research and useage of Pavement Preservation, Emulsions, Recycling & Reclamation treatments by demonstrating reliability, success, and undeniable savings.

Each submission will be screened and approved by selected members of AEMA, ISSA, or ARRA who specialize in the treatment pertaining to each success story.