Town of Thompson: Building Pavement Preservation - Fiber reinforced interlayer with Paver Placed Surface Treatment overlay

Contractor successfully repaired Lake Louise Marie Road in the Town of Thompson located in Sullivan County New York.  Fiber reinforced interlayer with a Paver Placed Surface Treament overlay. 


Town of Thompson , Sullivan County New York , heavy traffic load with predominantly semi tractor trailer vehicle loads. 


On Lake Marie Louise road , issues which needed to be addressed included; surface cracking, longitudinal joint issues,  and heavy traffic loads. Due to heavy traffic this project was key to returning to full lane use each day.   


With the town working on a low dollar budget and in a high traffic area, the fiber reinforced interlayer was selected to reinforce the pavement in preparation for surface overlay.  The Paver Placed Surface Treatment was selected ( PPST Type B ) to provided a high friction surface wearing course. With busy intersections and high volume from local buisnesses this project has out performed prior traditional hot mix overlay. This two part pavement preservation system has in turn resulted in revitalizing a deteriorating road back to life for years to come. 


  • The Gorman Group laying interlayer fiber reinforced system
  • Lake Louise Marie Road finished with PPST Type B
  • The Gorman Group paving with PPST Type B, utilizing the Town of Thompson to haul material
  • Finished Surface comparison - fiber reinforced interlayer with chip finish on right / PPST Overlay Finish on left