Micro surfacing catching on in Sylvania

Sylvania, OH is using micro surfacing to save money when resurfacing streets.  They expect 8 - 12 years of life extension with micro surfacing, costing 35 cents on the dollar compared to asphalt mill and repair.

  1. Cost is 35% compared to mill and resurface.
  2. 8 - 12 years


The City of Sylvania, OH started using micro surfacing a few years ago, and based on past performance, is extending its use to major roads.  The price is 35% of typical asphalt milling and resurfacing, and they expect 8 - 12 years of life extension for the pavements.  They understand not all roads are candidates for micro surfacing, but have seen good performance on side streets for the last few years.  Other districts in the area such as Perrysburg and Lucas County are using micro surfacing as well.


The Deputy Service Director Joe Shaw was looking for a way to save taxpayers money while still getting good performance for their streets.  Micro surfacing is their answer for roads in the right condition.

"For McCord Road, for example, we did that one for just over $100,000," Shaw said. "If we were to mill and resurface all of that, that wouldn't have been close to $350,000."

Joe Shaw
Deputy Service Director


Sylvania tried micro surfacing on side streets to get comfortable with the process.  Once they were satisfied the process was effective, they expanded their use of micro surfacing to larger, busier streets.


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