Rankin County, MS Saves Millions Applying Pavement Preservation Treatments Throughout Network

Rankin has always utilized chip seals.  Three years ago, Rankin County began using micro surfacing.  They now have a pavement preservation toolbox utilizing micro surfacing, scrub seals, fog seals and cape seals. They have also adopted pavement management planning to determine the best times to utilize these treatments on certain roads.  With this wide range of preservation tools, Rankin County has been able to treat 100 miles and save the taxpayers $7.3 million.



  1. Saved Taxpayers $7.3 million
  2. Restored Surface, Tougher Wearing Course, 6- to 10-Year Life Extension
  3. Within just a two-year period, Rankin County has gone from using hot mix and some chip seals to using almost every tool in the pavement preservation toolbox, enabling even more roads to be properly maintained.


Rankin County has approximately 1200 miles that they maintain.  As most counties have seen, Rankin had to find ways to extend their budget. They attended pavement preservation workshops and broadened their knowledge of different treatments available to make sure they were utilizing their budget efficiently.  The supervisors were very engaging during this process and learned alongside the County's road manager.  They wanted to make sure their constituent's taxes were being spent very effectively.  Coupled with the preservation treatments, Rankin County was also able to utilize a pavement management plan that helped them explain the method in which they were selecting many of the roads that they were treating using the CBV on RoadResources.org.

TASK:   To preserve and extend the service life of roadways throughout the network

PAVEMENT TYPE:   Dense-graded asphalt and chip seal surfaces

TRAFFIC:   Light to medium traffic on all treated roadways with the exception of one high profile, heavily trafficked road 

Network Approach

     Rankin County set out to stretch their road dollars and achieve a safer, healthier network using the pavement preservation and maintenance concept, and utilizing a pavement management plan. They realized that addressing roads earlier on the deterioration curve is the key to a balanced network and road budget. 


100 Miles treated:

2 Miles:   Cape Seal — Rejuvenating Scrub Seal + Highly Modified Micro Surfacing

6 Miles:  Cape Seal — Chip Seal + Micro Surfacing Combination

6 Miles:  Cape Seal — Rejuvenating Scrub Seal + Micro Surfacing Combination

31 Miles:   Stand-Alone Micro Surfacing (Including County and State-Aid Roads)

55 Miles:   Stand-Alone Chip Seal (Including County and State-Aid Roads)


“When it comes to maintaining our roads, it’s always our goal to utilize practices that allow us to extend our budget and make the most effective use of taxpayer dollars. Learning about and applying the right preservation and maintenance treatment

Mike Harrison
Rankin County Road Manager


By utilizing the pavement preservation and management concepts, Rankin has been able to add 6-10 years to roads within their network.  Their supervisors are very happy with their results as well as the positive feedback that they are receiving from their taxpayers.  Rankin County is now paving the way for the rest of the state on how pavement preservation processes and plans are the best use of existing budgets. By adopting the "right treatment, right road, right time" ideology, Rankin County set themselves up to meet their initial goal of being able to stretch their road dollars further and achieve an overall healthier roadway network.

“We are taking a more economical approach to enhancing our roads in order to be able to add more miles in our budget, without having to sacrifice quality. In fact, implementing these new products on the right roads has resulted in even better quality than we had before, and feedback we have received from the community post applications has been great.” - Steve Gaines, Rankin County Road Supervisor, District 4.

"The Palisades community appreciates Rankin County’s dedication to ensuring well-maintained roads in a timely manner, and we are pleased with the maintenance work performed on roads in our subdivision. They are smooth and they have a nice appearance, which increases the value of the homes in the area. Rankin County did an excellent job informing us of the details of the project to take place, the expected time frame of the project and how homeowners would be impacted. A plus was that the micro surfacing applications provided minimal inconvenience because traffic was allowed back on the treated sections soon after application." - Edwin Sallis, Secretary-Treasurer, Palisades Homeowners’ Association

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  • Rankin County used Cape Seal, Rejuvenating Scrub Seal and Micro Surfacing Combination in the Palisades Subdivision with great feedback from the homeowner's association.
  • Scrub seal and premium micro surfacing was applied to this high traffic road in Rankin County.
  • Chip Seal and Microsurfacing was applied to this neighborhood in Rankin County