Repairing the Road to Zion National Park with Scrub Seal & Micro Surfacing

Crews work day and night to save Utah’s S.R. 9, implementing Utah’s first application of scrub seal in over 30 years and saving UDOT $80,000 per mile.

  1. 66% savings per mile vs Mill and Fill costs. $80,000 saved per mile.
  2. reduced emissions & material use compared to mill & fill
  3. 0 injuries and equipment failures
  4. Additional 6-8 years of service life


The S.R. 9 runs directly through Hurricane City, Utah, leading to Zion National Park. After decades of heavy traffic and dense graded hot mix asphalt treatments, thermal and block cracking had developed significantly. 


The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) needed a treatment to restore and extend the life of the hot mix asphalt pavement before a complete reapplication became necessary. Due to the high volume of vehicles traveling to the park, one lane of traffic in both directions was required to remain open throughout the process to ease the flow of traffic.

“This project required traffic control for two of the busiest roads in Hurricane City. The traffic control and safety provided by Geneva Rock was top notch.”

Clay Campbell
Street Superintendent


Geneva Rock provided 460,000 square yards of Scrub Seal and 515,000 square yards of Micro surfacing, working throughout the day and night to complete the project safely, on time and with minimal inconvenience to drivers. Aggregates and emulsions were supplied by Interstate Rock and Ergon Asphalt respectively. Prior to the application, emulsions and aggregates were tested per the quality control plan to ensure consistency and adequate cure time. The application of Scrub Seals and Microsurfacing required less energy, emissions and materials than traditional mill and fill solutions, providing an additional 6-8 years of service life. This was Utah’s first application of a Scrub Seal in over 30 years, saving $80,000.00 per mile.


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  • Before construction
  • Ramps before construction
  • Scrub Seal night application
  • Micro Surfacing Night Application
  • Micro Surfacing type iii aggregate
  • Completed Scrub Seal
  • Completed Micro Surfacing