Cold Planing & Micro Milling

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RAP loading into truck

RAP: The product of a CP operation in asphalt layers is a pulverized material referred to as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). RAP can be used in a number of applications including hot recycling, cold recycling or as a granular aggregate. RAP generated during the CP operation is loaded in to haul trucks by the cold planing machine and transported to a plant for use in HR or CCPR mixtures. RAP could also be reused as base aggregate for roadway construction and widening, ditch linings, pavement repairs or a dust free surfacing on gravel roads; however, the best use of RAP materials is in the pavement structure itself.



Excavating for lane addition

Base & Subgrade Materials: CP can also be used for the controlled excavation of base and subgrade materials. These materials can be used in road reconstruction or widening.