Cold Planing & Micro Milling

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For Pavement Condition

(PCI between 1 and 100)

Cold Planing (CP), commonly referred to as milling or profiling, is the controlled removal of the surface of an existing pavement to the desired depth or cross-slope with specially designed equipment capable of removing portions of the pavement surface to the specified grade and/or cross-slope. CP can be used in excavation, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance operations. 

  1. CP allows for removal of a controlled amount of material vs complete new construction. Creating and utilizing RAP means less need for new materials, reducing costs
  2. Reuse of resources eliminates greenhouse gases from the production of those resources. Can be as high as 50-60%.
  3. Saves up to 60% in HMA plant and 100% in other processes by creating RAP for the reuses of existing pavement materials.
  4. Save time by keeping guard rails, overpasses, etc. at the same height in relation to roadway eliminating the need to adjust their height.
  5. Extends the life of the pavement structure by correcting smoothness issues, drainage issues and removing some top down cracking and raveling.

Issues Addressed

  • Raveling
  • Bleeding 
  • Shoulder drop off 
  • Rutting 
  • Corrugations 
  • Shoving 
  • Removal of deteriorated, stripped or aged asphalt 
  • Poor ride quality caused by swells, bumps, sags and depressions 
  • Diminished curb reveal heights


  • Restores pavement smoothness
  • Corrects grade and cross-slope issues
  • Restores pavement surface friction
  • Serves as a surface or grade preparation for other maintenance/rehabilitation techniques


Common Combinations

  • Cold Planing + HMA Overlay
  • Cold Planing + With CIR or CCPR
  • Cold Planing + single or double chip seal
  • Micro milling + thin HMA overlay
  • Micro milling + ultra-thin bonded wearing course
  • Micro milling + Micro or Slurry surfacing