Cold Planing & Micro Milling

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Cost Benefits

  • Allows surface removal vs. full reconstruction
  • Eliminates adjustments to utility structures, guardrail, driveways and intersecting roadways
  • Milled RAP has greater value than excavated RAP since it is already partially processed
  • Removing asphalt with CP is quicker than conventional methods saving time, traffic control costs and disruption to the traveling public

Factors that may Impact Cost

Choppy projects with complicated traffic patterns are less efficient than continuous projects
  • Size of project
  • Project Phasing: Multiple location projects vs. single location projects (5-mile job on 1 road vs. 1-mile job in 5 different places)
  • Traffic maintenance (closed local traffic only vs. alternate traffic patterns through the project)
  • Urban work (manholes / catch basins, intersection control add to cost) vs. rural work
  • Night work (costs more for labor but less traffic disruptions)
  • Bidding/Tender date vs. completion date, number of working days


Decrease Cost Without Affecting Quality

  • Perform preconstruction testing and evaluation (drainage, subgrade, structure, paving fabric, etc.)
  • Early bidding/tender closing (ideally Oct-Dec for the next year’s work)
  • Clear, constructible specifications
  • Fair assignment of risk