Cold Planing & Micro Milling

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Cold Planing & Micro Milling History

Development of the cold planer or milling machine began in the late 1970’s when a grade trimmer was upgraded to mill asphalt pavements. Since that time significant advancements in size, horsepower, milling width, milling depth, production and cost-efficiency have been made. One major change in the equipment was switching from a rear load machine to a front loading machine.  The early machines had a conveyor coming off the back which forced either the dump trucks to back up to the machine against the flow of traffic or the machine to work against the flow of traffic.  Switching to a front load configuration allowed both the trucks and the machine to follow the flow of adjacent traffic.  CP has become commonplace in construction and is now the preferred method of removing and/or reclaiming pavement materials.


  • An early rear load configuration cold planer