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Inspection Guidelines

During crack treatment projects, there needs to be ongoing monitoring and inspection of the installation to assure that it is proceeding as planned.  Pavement condition, reservoir dimensions, cracking type, crack cleanliness and dryness, sealant temperatures, and application configuration should be continuously monitored by the contractor and the owner.  Any deviations should immediately be corrected. Traffic control should be monitored as well to ensure a safe work zone. All employees on crack sealing installation crew shall be appropriately trained and qualified to perform the job requirements. 

During construction, all project specifications should be followed.  Any deviations should be approved or accepted by the agency in writing.  Many items should be inspected and verified including: equipment operational capabilities, sealant products used, reservoir dimensions, sealant application temperatures, and weather conditions.  After project completion, there may need to be an inspection for proper treatment installation and/or performance.  Reports of inspection should be prepared and stored for future reference if needed.  Inspectors shall be appropriately trained and be qualified to perform the project inspection.     

Additional Resources

Crack Sealing Checklist:  Provided by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2).