Full Depth Reclamation

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For Pavement Condition

(PCI of 60 or less)

A cost-effective, long-lasting greener alternative to deep rehabilitation or removal and replacement techniques. Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is an engineered rehabilitation technique in which the full thickness of the asphalt pavement and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials (base, subbase and/or subgrade) is uniformly pulverized and blended to provide an upgraded, homogeneous material. The reclaimed materials may be improved and strengthened by using Mechanical, Chemical or Bituminous stabilization. FDR isn't only for roads in poor condition, it is also a viable design process for increasing the structural capacity of a pavement in good condition.

  1. 40 to 80% less expensive than alternative reconstruction techniques
  2. Importing and exporting of materials can be reduced by 90%
  3. Reuses up to 100% of existing materials
  4. Same day return to light traffic
  5. Up to 25 years of life extension. The limiting factor for service life of FDR treated pavements is typically the service life of the surface course and not the FDR mixture itself.
  6. Structural Layer (a) Coefficients of FDR mixtures depends on the stabilizing agent used and vary from 0.14 for pulverization and mechanical stabilization to 0.15-0.25 for cementitious stabilization to 0.20-0.30 for bituminous stabilization.

Issues Addressed

  • All forms of cracking and rutting 
  • Reduced ride quality due to pavement distress 
  • Loss of surface integrity due to raveling, potholes and bleeding 
  • Excessive shoulder drop off 
  • Inadequate structural capacity
  • Subgrade instability


  • Eliminates all existing surface distresses
  • Stabilization turns a deficient pavement structure into a new homogeneous section with increased structural capacity 
  • Reduces impact on underground utilities and structures
  • Conserves non-renewable resources and reduces trucking 
  • Deteriorated subgrade or base can be reshaped to restore surface profile and drainage
  • Cost savings compared to other rehabilitation methods
  • Reduces community impacts, traffic disruptions and user inconvenience 
  • Reduces contractor change orders resulting from unstable soil/base conditions

Common Combinations

  • FDR + Single or Double Chip Seal for low volume roads
  • FDR + Micro or Slurry Surfacing for low volume roads
  • FDR + Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay
  • FDR + Cold Mix Asphalt Overlay