Full Depth Reclamation

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Success Stories

Full Depth Reclamation Using Engineered Emulsion Rehabilitates Airport Runway in Claremore, Oklahoma.

The City of Claremore set out to replace existing pavement on the Claremore Regional Airport runway through a full depth reclamation (FDR) treatment in which nine inches of the pavement were milled, mixed with an engineered emulsion, replaced and then compacted. 

Indiana Department of Transportation’s Unique Rehabilitation of a Major Collector

Full Depth Reclamation & CCPR allowed INDOT to repair and upgrade a major collector in Northeast Indiana. State Route 101 appeared to need surface repairs, but upon further investigation, a deeper treatment was needed in order to restore the roadway and create a safer route for both the local Amish traffic and regular vehicular traffic.

Full Depth Reclamation Saves Fire Department

The Lewisville Fire Department needed to rehabilitate the asphalt paved areas and expand the parking lot of its fire house. By electing to use the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) process, the department saved time, money and transformed the deteriorated parking area into one that will last for years to come!

Logan County, IL Buys Time and Builds a Safer Rural Highway with Full Depth Reclamation

Like many of our nation's rural highways, Logan County Highway 25 was not only showing signs distress accumulated over its 40-year life, it was a safety concern for the traveling public with its narrow driving lanes.  Restricted by available funding to construct to federal standards with traditional rehabilitation options, the Logan County Highway Department utilized Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) to widen the pavement to the desired width and used a cape seal treatment as a surface course to safely carry traffic until additional funding becomes available.

Cook County Saves Approximately 50% with FDR

Cook County needed to rebuild 2 miles of deteriorating roadway, representing 27,000 square yards of road surface in the city of Orland Park. The existing pozzolanic base was rigid and contributing to reflective cracking, which meant that a simple asphalt overlay would not provide the best long term outcome.

Dundee High School Chooses FDR to Reconstruct Parking Lots

Dundee High School was able to realize cost and environmental savings using FDR to reconstruct their parking lots. Using FDR also resulted in time savings and an increased structural section.

Fayette County, GA Used FDR to Reconstruct Subdivision Roads

FDR with cement was used to reconstruct subdivision roads that were built without an aggregate base. The cost savings compared to full reconstruction of these roads allowed the majority of the subdivision roads constructed with aggregate base to be resurfaced.