Full Depth Reclamation

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  • One or more self-propelled reclaimers to pulverize and mix the asphalt pavement and underlying materials in a single pass and to mix stabilizing agent and additives into the pulverized materials in a second pass
  • The reclaimer should have controls to adjust depth of pulverization
  • The reclaimed should have a computerized liquid addition system, a meter to record the flow and total amount of liquid added, and a positive interlocking system linked to the speed of the reclaimer to adjust the liquid addition rate 


Calibrated Bulk Spreader

Calibrated Bulk Spreaders/Distributors

  • Required for application of dry stabilizing agents and additives
  • They should be non-pressurized mechanical vane-feed, cyclone or screw type capable of providing a consistent, accurate and uniform distribution of material while keeping dust to a minimum
  • Corrective aggregate or RAP may be placed by a mechanical spreader, conventional paver or by tailgating
Asphalt tanker truck

Tanker Trucks

Bituminous stabilizing agents (emulsified asphalt and asphalt for foaming) are deliverered to the project site in tanker trucks and fed into the reclaimer using the reclaimer's on-board liquid addition system

Motor Grader

Motor Grader

• For pre-shaping, aerating, spreading and final shaping of the reclaimed material

Haul Trucks

• New aggregate or RAP for Mechanical stabilization or for adjustments to grade and alignment

Water Truck

Water Trucks

• For supplying water to the reclaimer and for the addition of moisture for compaction and curing

• Water trucks should be capable of providing a controlled consistent spray without eroding or otherwise damaging the FDR surface


Compaction Equipment

• Self-propelled rollers complete with properly operating scrapers and water spray systems as necessary

• Any combination of segmented padfoot, vibratory padfoot, rubber-tired, vibratory single or double drum rollers can be used

Water Curing

Curing or Fog Sealing Equipment

• A bituminous distributor truck or chemical curing distributor truck to apply treatment at a uniform rate over the full width of the treatment area in a single pass (if required)

• A self-propelled screenings or salt spreader to apply blotter sand at a uniform rate over the full width of the treatment area in a single pass (if required)