Slurry Seal

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 A Distributor or Spreader truck is only used when the project calls for a tack coat. A typical industry distributor/spreader truck is utilized.

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Slurry Seal Truck Mounted Paver and Spreader Box


Slurry seal is placed by a paver specifically designed and manufactured to apply slurry seal. The paver is a continuous-flow mixing unit that accurately delivers and proportions the mix components through a multi-blade, double-shafted mixer.  Note some older slurry seal pavers us a ribbon mixer.  Slurry seal is typically placed by truck-mounted pavers.  A truck mounted paver is loaded with materials at the stockpile, driven to the project site, applies slurry seal until empty, then returns to the stockpile for refilling. There are typically two or more truck-mounted pavers on a job to increase production.

Slurry seal can also be placed by a continuous paver. To minimize construction joints, the paver is capable of loading materials while continuing to apply slurry seal. The operator has full control of the forward and reverse speeds during application, while the driver can operate from either side to maintain alignment.


 The mixture is spread uniformly by a spreader box which may utilize augers to move the material.  The spreader box may also have a drag on the back to texture the material.  Burlap is commonly used.  While it is common to use a spreader box specifically designed for slurry seal, slurry seal can also be placed by spreader boxes designed for micro surfacing.


If a continuous run paver is utilized, nurse trucks bring aggregate, asphalt emulsion and water to the continuous paver. The nurse trucks are specifically designed to properly deliver these three materials to the paver and allow quick changeovers while maintaining the paving process. A typical project will require three to five nurse trucks, depending on the speed of construction, and the distance from the stockpile to the jobsite.


 If the project calls for rolling the mix, only a rubber tired roller should be used.

  • Truck Mounted Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing Paver
  • Slurry Seal Spreader Box