Slurry Seal

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  • AGGREGATE: Quality aggregate is mandatory. In addition to the actual properties of the parent rock, quality includes proper gradation, particle shape, cleanliness and sand equivalence. The aggregate is a crushed stone such as granite, slag, limestone, chat, or other high-quality aggregate, or combination thereof.
  • ASPHALT EMULSION:  The asphalt used in slurry seal is emulsified before use and may be modified with a polymer. The emulsification process allows the asphalt to be pumped and mixed with aggregate at ambient temperature. The asphalt characteristics can then be fine tuned to work in conjunction with the aggregate selected for the project.

  • MINERAL FILLER: Mineral filler may be used to improve mixture consistency and to adjust mixture breaking and curing properties. Portland cement, hydrated lime, limestone dust or fly ash are typically used.

  • WATER: Water is used to provide stability and consistency to the mix. Potable water is recommended, it must be free from salts and contaminants. Water is best sourced from a city water supply, water from ponds or streams is not recommended.

  • ADDITIVE: Additives may be used to accelerate or retard the break/set time of the slurry seal. Emulsifier and aluminum sulfate are commonly used.