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Prime, Flush, and Tack Coat Inspection
Prepared By: Arizona Department of Transportation Roy Jorgensen Associates 2003

This is an educational document containing instructions and examinations.  It discusses basic procedures for prime coat application, distributor operations, inspection, and documentation. This is of particular value for construction inspectors.

Guideline for Prime Coat Use
Prepared By: FHWA Central Federal Lands Highway Division Cross and Shrestha 2005

A comprehensive guideline for prime coat use. A prime coat and tack coat guide publication for project development and field personnel to provide decision-making guidance on how to use, when to require, and when to eliminate prime and tack coats.

A Guideline for Prime Coat Use
Prepared By: Texas Department of Transportation and The Center for Multi-discipline Research in Transportation Senadheera and Vignarajab 2007

The constructability review of surface treatments on base courses.  It contributes to the development of a surface treatment design and construction guide, updates to the TxDOT surface treatment training manual, and updated specifications.

Effective Prime Coats for Compacted Pavement Bases
Prepared By: Texas Department of Transportation Thomas Freeman, Joe W. Button, Cindy Estakhri (2010)

The main objective of this research project was to evaluate the effectiveness of prime coats and determine which combinations of methods and materials provide the most benefit to TxDOT.  The use of prime coats are described, and their construction requirements are discussed in Item 310 of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Standard Specifications. 

Guidelines for Incorporating Mixing Grade Emulsions into Base Courses
Prepared By: Texas Department of Transportation Mantilla and Button (1994)

Two alternative detailed guidelines for incorporating mixing-grade emulsified asphalt into the uppermost layer of base course.