Cold Central Plant Recycling

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Success Stories

Indiana Department of Transportation’s Unique Rehabilitation of a Major Collector

Cold Central Plant Recycling allowed INDOT to repair and upgrade a major collector in Northeast Indiana. State Route 101 appeared to need surface repairs, but upon further investigation, a deeper treatment was needed in order to restore the roadway and create a safer route for both the local Amish traffic and regular vehicular traffic.

This project won a Recycling Award from Roads and Bridges Magazine in 2019. See the link below or the February 2019 Issue for the article.

Fresno County Succeeds with Cold Central Plant Recycling

The County of Fresno performed their first ever Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) project. The project was a 2 lane, 14.5-mile segment of Lincoln Avenue, from SR 145 to Fig Avenue, with heavy agricultural traffic.