Cold Central Plant Recycling

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Cold Mix Plant

Cold mix plants for CCPR usually have a single cold feed bin/hopper for the RAP. The plant has a RAP feed conveyor belt with a belt scale linked to a computerized liquid recycling agent, water and additive system that accurately meters the materials into the pugmill based on the weight of the RAP. Dry additives are typically transferred via silo augers or separate transfer devices tied to the belt scale.  

Cold feed bins for fractionated RAP and new aggregate

The cold mix plant may require a screening/crushing unit to control the maximum size of RAP or a scalping screen to remove oversize RAP. If new aggregates or RAP fractionation is desired, cold feed bins require separation chambers or multiple cold feed bins. 

Crushing/screening unit set up as CCPR plant

CCPR is often produced using the screening/crushing unit and mixer from a CIR train set up in a stationary configuration. 

Placing CCPR mix

Haul trucks are used to transport the CCPR mix to the site where the existing surface is cleaned and tacked prior to the placement of the CCPR mix. CCPR mixes are placed with asphalt pavers or with a motor grader if smoothness is not an issue.

Compacting CCPR mix

CCPR mixtures are compacted with heavy pneaumic tired rollers and vibratory steel-wheel rollers.