Hot In-Place Recycling

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Pre-heater Unit

Preheater Units 

• One or more preheater units to dry, heat and soften the existing pavement

• To prevent overheating and damage to the existing pavement, lower heat sources and longer heating times are required

• This is accomplished by slowing the production rate or using additional preheaters

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Surface Recycle Heater/Scarification Unit

Heater/Scarification/Milling Units

  • These follow preheater units
  • Used in Surface Recycling and with modifications for Remixing and Repaving
  • Add the final heating
  • Loosen or scarify the softened pavement using spring loaded tines, carbide teeth, augers and moldboard, hot milling drums or carbide tipped scarifying teeth


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Remixing Unit

Remixing Unit

• Heater/scarification unit with a mixing drum or pugmill

• Allows addition of new aggregate or HMA

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Repaving Unit

Repaving Unit

• Consists of specialized heater/scarification unit that contains double screed

• First screed placed the recycled mix, while the temperature of the recycled material is at least 225 oF.

• Second screed placed new HMA immediately on top of recycled layer resulting in thermally bonded layers

Haul Trucks

• New aggregate for HIR Remixing

• New HMA for HIR Remixing or Repaving

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Windrow Elevator & Paver Placing HIR Mix


• Places recycled mix to required grade and cross-slope (Surface Recycle and Remix only) 

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Compacting HIR Mix

Compaction Equipment

• Rubber-tired rollers

• Steel wheel rollers