Hot In-Place Recycling

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Cost Benefits

The HIR processes allow same day return to traffic and are more environmentally friendly than asphalt pavement mill and fill techniques.

  • Recycling 100% of the material in-place
  • Less trucking of milled material from site and new HMA to the site
  • No extended road closures due to same day return to traffic

Factors that may Impact Cost

  • Size of project
  • Project Phasing: Multiple location projects vs. single location projects (5-mile job on 1 road vs. 1-mile job in 5 different places)
  • Traffic maintenance (easier to do 1 lane the full job length, harder to do both lanes to the same point each day)
  • Urban work (manholes / catch basins, intersection control add to cost) vs. rural work
  • Night work (costs more for labor but less traffic disruptions)
  • Bidding/Tender date vs. completion date, number of working days
  • Raw material pricing (rejuvenating agent, heating fuel, HMA, new aggregates)
  • Competitive bids (number of contractors in Region)

Decrease Cost Without Affecting Quality

  • Perform pre-construction testing and evaluation (drainage, subgrade, structure, paving fabric, etc.)
  • Provide mix design with bidding/tender
  • Early bidding/tender closing (ideally Oct-Dec for the next year’s work)
  • Clear, constructible specifications
  • Fair assignment of risk
  • Consistent annual HIR program