Hot In-Place Recycling

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Before creating a specification for your HIR project, review the appropriate HIR chapters in the BARM for design, testing, quality control, and measurement and payment procedures for your project. There are many factors to consider and your project may need slight adjustments to these recommendations to meet the localized conditions of your project.

Helpful Guidelines

As General rules of thumb, follow the below points and recommendations:

  • Check depth of scarification/milling at available longitudinal joints
  • Check pavement temperature after each preheating unit, prior to final heating, prior to final mixing and immediately behind the screed
  • Check the application rate of rejuvenating agent by evaluating the mass of recycled material against the volume of rejuvenating agent used for a single tanker
  • Check the application rate of new HMA or aggregate in the Remixing process by noting the amount being supplied by the haul truck and measuring the distance the recycling unit traveled to empty the truck
  • Determine percent compaction by comparing the in-place density to the target density, typically 92-95% of the maximum theoretical specific gravity (Gmm)
  • Check surface tolerance with a 10-foot (3-m) straight edge utilizing a wedge ruler that can slide between the pavement/straight edge interface to accurately measure the gap

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