Micro Surfacing

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DISTRIBUTOR/SPREADER TRUCK: A distributor or spreader truck is only used when the project calls for a tack coat. A typical industry distributor/spreader truck is utilized.

Continuous Paver with Spreader Box


Micro surfacing is placed by a paver specifically designed and manufactured to apply micro surfacing. The paver is a continuous-flow metering and mixing unit that accurately delivers and proportions the mix components through a multi-blade, double-shafted mixer.

A continuous run paver is capable of loading materials while continuing to apply micro surfacing. The operator has full control of the forward and reverse speeds during application, while the driver can operate from either side to maintain alignment.  Use of a continuous run paver minimizes construction (transverse) joints.

Micro surfacing can also be placed with truck-mounted micro surfacing pavers. These pavers feature the same continuous-flow, accurate delivery and proportioning of the mix components through a multi-blade, double shafted mixer. A truck-mounted paver is loaded with materials at the stockpile, drives to the project site, applies micro surfacing until empty, then returns to the stockpile for refilling. On projects where truck-mounted pavers are used, there are typically two or three pavers on a project to ensure the steady flow of work.  There will be more construction joints while using a truck-mounted paver, however it is a popular option due to their maneuverability and accessibility to tighter areas such as cul-de-sacs.


Continuous Paver Advantages
Fewer transverse joints
Operator controls paving speed
Paver replenished with materials
Dual driver stations
Nurse trucks optimized for hauling materials
Single calibration per job
Truck Mounted Paver Advantages
Not dependent on a single paver
Can drive to projects
Smaller crew required


The mixture is spread uniformly by a spreader box utilizing augers to move the material.

The rear of the spreader box features an adjustable primary strike-off to determine the application rate, and a secondary strike-off to apply the proper finish texture.

  • Note: A standard spreader box is used to apply leveling (scratch) courses and finish courses, the primary strikeoff must be changed from a flexible material to a rigid material when applying the leveling course.
  • Note: A rut filling spreader box is used to fill ruts 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) or greater in depth.


Nurse trucks bring aggregate, asphalt emulsion and water to the continuous paver. The bodies are specifically designed to properly deliver these three materials to the paver and allow quick changeovers while maintaining the paving process. A typical project will require three to five nurse trucks, depending on the speed of construction, and the distance from the stockpile to the jobsite.


If the project calls for rolling the mix, only a rubber tired roller should be used.