Micro Surfacing

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Pre-Construction Testing

Performing a mix design is crucial to the success of your project. The following tests are applicable when performing a mix design, please refer to ISSA A143 for the Recommended Guideline values.


Sand Equivalency AASHTO T176/ASTM D2419 Required
Soundness of Aggregate AASHTO T104/ASTM C88 Recommended
LA Abrasion AASHTO T96/ASTM C131 Required for high traffic application, optional for leveling course/rut filling or low traffic application.
Gradation AASHTO T27/ASTM C136 Required
Gradation AASHTO T11/ASTM C117 Required if a washed gradation is required
Bulking Effect AASHTO T19/ASTM C29 Optional


Settlement and Storage Stability AASHTO T59/ASTM D6930 Waive 5 day Settlement; 24 hour storage stability recommended if not used in 72 hours
Distillation AASHTO T59/ASTM D6997 Required
Softening Point AASHTO T53/ASTM D36 Required unless Elastic Recovery is specified
Penetration AASHTO T49/ASTM D5 Required


Mix Time ISSA TB 113 Required
Wet Cohesion ISSA TB 139 Required
Wet Stripping ISSA TB 114 Optional
Wet Track Abrasion Loss ISSA TB 100 Required
Lateral Displacement ISSA TB 147 Required
Excess Asphalt by Loaded Wheel Test Sand Adhesion ISSA TB 109 Recommended
Classification Compatibility ISSA TB 144 Optional, Recommended if boiling waived

Construction Testing

Periodic Checks of the application rate Recommended
Sampling and testing of the mix as it is discharged from the paver to check asphalt content Recommended

Post-Construction Testing

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