Prime Coat

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Suitable Conditions

Weather and temperature limitations. The curing of prime coat depends upon the weather. Prime coat may be omitted in cold weather because prime materials cure slowly at low temperatures.

  1. Prime should not be applied unless the air temperature in the shade and the pavement temperature are 10 oC (50 oF) and rising
  2. Warm to hot weather is best.  Higher temperatures help prime material cure faster.
  3. Dry air is better.  Humidity and moisture in the form of condinsation will slow cure rate.
  4. No rain in 48 hours.  Rain can cause material to run into waterways.  

Unsuitable Conditions

The photo shows the results of rain on a prime coat before it has broken and cured.
  • 50 Degrees and falling air temperature.  
  • Rain in forcast in next 48 hours
  • Freezing temperatutes in next 48 hours