Grease all points of the pump and the outboard bearing per manufacturer's recommendation. The electric motor also needs to be lubricated according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Packing Adjustment

For a new pump, make sure the packing gland is loose (by hand). Do not tighten gland until pump has run and the packing has expanded from absorption of the pumped liquids. With pump stopped, adjust gland evenly just enough to reduce leakage to a drip every few seconds. Packing is designed or intended to leak. This process allows the shaft to be lubricated. NEVER tighten packing too tight. It will cut a groove in the pump shaft causing a leak which will be very difficult to repair. All appropriate safety measures should be taken when adjusting the packing gland.

Replacing Packing

The packing gland can be slid up the shaft and a new ring of packing added as required. If the total packing is replaced, the new rings should slide over a well lubricated shaft, with the connected ends of the ring staggered in relation to the one next to it. Always turn pump by hand after installing packing to make sure it turns freely.

Ground Packing Material

Material is poured into the pump stuffing box in place of packing rings. Adjust carefully with packing gland to form a light but flexible seal.

Cleaning And Winter Storage


If the pump is properly installed, has suitable means for heating, and the emulsions being pumped are in specification, little or no cleaning during the work season is normally required. Vent the line and remove as much emulsion from the line and pump into the tank as possible. Fill the pump with diesel fuel and close the necessary valve downstream to cause the pump relief valve to open. This will cause the diesel to circulate within the pump, causing it to warm up and provide good cleaning.

BEST PRACTICE: Be careful not to allow the diesel to be mixed with the tank emulsion since even a little diesel may affect product quality. Proper disposal should also be addressed.

Winter Storage

Always drain the tank, lines, and pump during the winter since emulsion will freeze. Leave diesel in the pump over the winter to prevent rust. If the emulsion is to be used in the winter, always drain the lines and pump after each use and provide heat for the tank.