In specifying the size pump required, considerations should be given to the primary use of the pump. By contacting your local pump vendor, they will be able to help size the appropriately-fitted pump for your application.

Items to consider and to have on hand should include the desired pumping capacity, a viscosity/temperature curve for the material, specific gravity, and expected temperature range for the material being pumped. This will allow the vendor to accurately choose the pump that most econonomically meets your demands. Be sure to specify to your vendor that the pump is for asphalt emulsion service. Most manufacturers will machine additional tolerances into their equipment to compensate for large temperature differences. It is also recommended to specify heavy duty versions on the vendor’s pump styles. Pumps used in asphalt emulsion plants see severe duty.

Over-sizing pumps should be given careful consideration. This practice may be beneficial for long-term flexibility, but may unnecessarily raise the initial cost of the project. Additional costs will come from installing larger piping, increased motor size, motor starter costs, etc. Ultimately, each organization needs to decide what is right for them at the time of purchase.

Electrical wiring should comply with local standards.

If the pump or equipment is used at a 25% or greater duty cycle, they should specify a “Premium” efficiency style motor. This will save them money in the long run.