Why member submitted content matters

Agencies & pavement managers need a way to connect our treatments with real stories and real data. There are lots of great stories and research about our treatments, but this information is widespread across the internet, print publications, and sometimes not even told at all! Research shows that agencies have a difficult time finding and understanding information on our treatments.


  • Your story could be featured on the homepage & newsletter
  • All accepted stories will be included in the Treatment Resource Center and Resources tabs of the website
  • More information at the owner’s fingertips means more awareness & understanding for your treatments
  • Information exchange between municipalities means agencies can learn and innovate from each other

Three types of member submitted content:

Success Stories:

Submit stories & photos that describe treatment benefits, innovation, or network accomplishments.

Research Summaries:

Submit formal research reports or studies that pertain to individual treatments or support pavement preservation, emulsions, and asphalt recycling & reclamation.

Photos & Video:

Submit high quality videos or photos of treatment application and processes.