Fog Seal

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General Parameters & Advice

Fog seal is applicable for pavements that have adequate structural capacity. Alternative treatments should be considered if there are signs of structural distresses such as excessive cracking and rutting or shoving. 

It is important to evaluate existing pavement surface conditions by inspection using an approved distress identification system to recognize the presence of flushed or bleeding pavement. Such system may include:

i. A friction value and / or texture measurement by mechanical or optical means may be appropriate. 

The intent is to avoid application of fog seal to a pavement that may produce a lower than acceptable friction value.  

Site Selection for Specific Distresses

Road Type, Surface, and Traffic Specifics

  • Fog seals should only be applied on surfaces where penetration of the emulsion can be expected. This includes asphalt surfaces that are aged and raveled, as well as chip-sealed surfaces and open graded asphalt surfaces.
  • Fog seal can be used on variety of road types, and throughout the range of traffic levels.

To ensure success, a site visit should be arranged to document the texture and condition of the existing road surface, as well as the traffic type and level.


Fog seal can be applied in any climate and has been proven successful across the globe.