Rejuvenating Fog Seal

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Inspection Guidelines

Retrieved from CALTRANS, Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide (MTAG)

It is recommended that regular inspection be conducted so that any deficiencies in workmanship or materials are addressed and corrected.

This process will also assist agencies in identifying the performance of various fog seal materials: how they are performing on various surface conditions and how they are performing in various climatic zones.

Regular inspection may include following actions:

  1. The primary piece of equipment for a fog seal operation is the distributor truck. It is recommended to inspect each component of the truck such as the temperature probes and spray bar. It is important that the spray bar is functioning as required by the project specifications. The spray bar must be set to the appropriate height (distance) from the pavement surface and the nozzles must be set at the proper angle to assure a uniform application of material.
  2. The emulsion temperatures should also be measured for quality control purposes.
  3. The emulsion must be certified to specification according to established sampling and testing procedures such as ASTM test methods mentioned under Specification Review.



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