Rejuvenating Fog Seal

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Several types of products are used for rejuvenating fog seals and most consist of petroleum oils and resins (i.e. maltenes) or special blends of a petroleum oils and resins with asphalt and compatible polymers; both types are emulsified. The petroleum oils and resins specifications can be found in ASTM 4552-16.


Common emulsions used for Rejuvenating Fog Seals are Emulsified Recycling Agent (ER-1), Polymer Modified Pavement Sealants- Quick Break (PMPS-QB) and Polymer Modified Rejuvenating Emulsion (PMRE), and many branded products are also available in the market.  Most rejuvenating fog seals are applied in a diluted emulsion form ranging from 1 part emulsion/1 part water, to 1 part emulsion/5 parts water and 2 parts emulsion/1 part water.