Soil Stabilization & Soil Modification

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Cement Stabilization of Unpaved Roads


EDWARD J. HOPPE, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Principal Research Scientist; HARIKRISHNAN NAIR, Ph.D., P.E. Research Scientist


  The purpose of this study was to explore the effectiveness of chemical stabilization practices on unpaved roads.  A 550-ft-long segment of Hurley Lane, a gravel road in Loudoun County, was selected for testing.  The construction technique known as full-depth reclamation (FDR) was used.  The existing unpaved road section was pulverized to a depth of 12 in and subsequently blended with 5% cement by weight using road reclaiming equipment.  The surface was then covered with a double chip seal.  The main objective of this project was to provide stability while still maintaining the appearance and “feel” of a gravel road.


Vitginia Transportation Research Council, Final Report VTRC 17-R19.