Tack Coat

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Notification for bond coat is not needed as it is generally incorporated in a hotmix paving process.  

General Preparation

  • Research has verified what has long been held as best practice for the surface condition of the receiving pavement.
  • Namely, a clean, dry surface maximizes layer bonding.
  • Milling of the existing surface has also been shown to typically increase bond strengths. However, milling does produce dust and it uses water. Both need to be eliminated from the milled surface prior to application of bond coat.
  • Sweeping of the milled surface is typical. Judgment should be exercised in timing of the sweeping, as it will be most efficient after any moisture left from the milling has evaporated.
  • Between lifts of fresh asphalt, cleaning is commonly not needed. However, if the freshly laid pavement has become dirty, it behooves the contractor to clean any and all such locations prior to the next lift being tacked and paved.